The Weight of Kilesas and Dhamma

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The Weight of Kilesas and Dhamma
15 AUG 2016, 15:00 WIB
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That day we discussed about the weight of Dhamma and the weight of kilesas that drag each every living creatures. We don’t even want to mention 5% of Dhamma. Even 95% of what drags you down is not enough. For the Dhamma to pull you up for even 5% is considered too much. That’s the power of the low side. It is the law of nature in the heart of living creatures. We can’t blame them for it. It is the law of nature for this attraction, which the Dhamma will pull you up to find happiness while the nature will pull you down toward suffering. The lower you go the more suffering you will receive. They have always been an opposing pair. The side of Dhamma is always at a disadvantage because nature is more powerful and this side have to struggle.

Just like boxing, they have a more elaborate pattern, so we have to struggle. The lower side have more patterns than us, they have more elaborate patterns than the side of the Dhamma. That is why the side of the Dhamma have to struggle. It’s always difficult to do any good deed because they prevent us from being aware and convince that the feelings of not wanting to do or the difficulty is a part of us. It lulled you by absorbing you inside it.

Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno
Dhamma talk for the mass at Wat Pa Barn Tard
On 21st October 1999

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