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Quote Dhamma Maha Boowa Nanasampanno 4
29 DEC 2016, 09:44 WIB
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This is what meditation is like. The mind that responds to the meditation will be free of any disturbance and is filled with the right amount of gracefulness that is Dhamma, while the disturbance in the mind is the Kilesa.

The two elements are always together, which makes the occasional brawl between the two inevitable. The reason there are good people and bad people is because of the Dhamma and the Kilesa in the mind. If the Dhamma wins out, the person will end up being a good person. But if Kilesa is allowed to run rampant, the greed, the anger, and the lust will drag you down until you lose your value as a person. So keep meditating and strengthen your Dhamma.

Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno
Dhamma talk for the mass at Wat Pa Barn Tard
September 12th, 2001


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