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Quote Dhamma Maha Boowa Nanasampanno 3
28 DEC 2016, 15:40 WIB
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Nothing in the world is over Karma.

How everyone is born is determined by Karma, whether as a human or an animal, it all depends on our past karma. If the karma is evil then the resulting next life will reflect that evil. You will be born as a beast, a Preta, a ghost, or even suffer in hell. Of course, no one wants the power of karma to cause this to happen to them.

Even among humans, while our bodies look the same, our personalities are very much different. This is due to our karma, both good and evil and how much of each is in your heart. You can’t decide it however you want when you were born. Even your parents who made you cannot decide our personalities. It all comes down to the power of karma, which is why the Buddha taught us to believe and be aware of karma.

The word karma is a neutral word and means action. Evil actions are called sins or evil karma while the good karma is called making merit. These two kinds of karma reside only in your mind, which is the place where both good and evil happen, and result in the happiness and sorrow in our lives. This is how we are all different. Even when the same pair of parents have many children, none of them are alike. Not their body shape, not their personalities, not their intelligence, and not their morality. The power of karma sets everything in motion.

Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno
Dhamma talk in the event "Honoring the Land" and the 3rd transfer of the gold to the royal reserve in the vicinity of the Sanam Luang, Bangkok
Evening of April 21st, 2001



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