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27 DEC 2016, 16:42 WIB
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Wherever you go, it is the mind that receives the Karma. Try to change and improve the mind from this point on. Do not let your mind and body wander. Do not be drunk with power, wealth, and praise. Do not be consumed by the world to an extent that you ignore Dhamma or you will surely suffer. The human mind tends to remember pointless things instead of valuable things because the Kilesa keeps pushing them away. The Kilesa will always try to push you away from the path of good through any means necessary.

Take going to the temple as an example. When you go to places that the Kilesa led you, you will always have time. But when you want to go to a temple, even for an instant, the kilesa will always come up with excuses like lack of time, money, or fortune. Walking down the path of Kilesa is easy, but the path of decency and goodness is a chore even from the beginning.


Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Nanasampanno
Dhamma talk for the mass at the main pavillion of Wat Pa Barn Tard
May 12th, 2006



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