Kilesa is like a tidal wave

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Kilesa is like a tidal wave
08 JUL 2016, 20:53 WIB
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Be aware of your mental state. Keep it with you. All of you should not think of the past or the future, but instead focus on the present struggle between the mind and the Kilesa within your mind. Keep to the present, and be mindful, and the scattered mind will calm down without a doubt. Being mindful is a strong dhamma, and the most important one. Even if kilesa is like a tidal wave, it can be blocked by being mindful. And when the kilesa is blocked, it can’t function and torment you.

When mindfulness and chanting is with your heart, especially for beginners, the kilesa can’t emerge from the mind. Then we use Dhamma to filter our minds to be clean and pure, like putting alum in dirty water to make it clean. The mind is like the dirty water which needs mindfulness and chanting as the alum to calm our minds.

Venerable Acariya Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno
Dhamma talk for Ajarn Ban’s group at Wat Pa Barn Tard
On October 19th 2005

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